What I liked this year: Nina Ricci & Ladurée

Ladurée and Nina Ricci's first ever collaboration

Ladurée and Nina Ricci’s first ever collaboration

Fashion house Nina Ricci and Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée gave birth to a sweet fragrance. Together, they created a new perfume and an exclusive range of macaroons. An eatable perfume and a macaroon that smells? Theys were limited-edition produits.

Olivier Cresp, perfumer for Nina Ricci and Vincent Lemains head of the création and confectioner at Ladurée made it possible and available in perfume and in macaroon version.
The perfume and the macaroon inspired each other and they shared notes of lemon, rose, almond and raspberry © Nina Ricci et Ladurée.

The macaroons were filles with raspberry jam, decorated in vibrant pink with gold leaf and presented in a special collector’s box with 8 or 14 macaroons.
Nobody could resist the temptation with this forbidden fruit! The collection also includes an opulent candle adorned with the Ladurée motif.

Ladurée La Tentation de Nina macaroons

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