Be beautiful every day.

I would like to present to you today 10 practical tips to be beautiful every day.

1) Moisturize your skin after the shower.

Do not wait until your body is completely dry: If you put your moisturizer immediately after your shower.  you will trap a bigger  quantity  of water in your skin and feel better afterwards.


2) Rinse your hair with cold water mixed with lemon juice.

This solution gives luster and shine to your hair and strengthens its color!

3) Shave your legs with baby oil.

 You can use baby oil on your legs and  shaving will becomes very easy and the skin of your legs will become soft and hydrated.


4) Exfoliate your lips.

Brush your lips with a  toothbrush and a lip balm to remove dead cells. This will also activate blood circulation: you will have the most beautiful and red lips! 

5) Remember how to maintain a hydrated skin.

Protect it from the sun, avoid smoking, use mild soaps and avoid those that contains additives, moisturise, drink enough water and eat foods that keep your skin hydrated like nuts, avocado and fish but also foods rich with anti-oxidants like blueberries, goji berries,and green leafy vegetables.


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