Drink Hot Water !


“Drink hot water” ,  this advice has been suggested in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Water is a life source and if you have less than the recommended daily amount of water it affects your physical and mental performances by 20 to 30%.If toxins in our body accumulate it can cause tensions, aches, pains, headaches but also acne. If you feel tired for no reason this can be because of the toxins,those toxins can be flushed out with water. 

Try to drink a  cup of hot water with lemon before breakfast to restore lost moisture but it is also a  good solution to cleanse your system. Hot water makes your digestive system work smoothly it improves blood circulation and if you add honey and lemon it can boost your body immunity.

Very cold water can oversimulate the kidneys and can lead to an imbalance in internal body temperature,hot water makes it easier for your body to take the water whare it needs to go. Drinking warm water after hot or warm meals helps digestion and prevent hang up or constipation.Warm water is a life giver,cleanser and balance for the body.


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