Sand Dollars

A friend showed me today something really strange and made me remember how beautiful and full of surprises our planet is. There is a lot of things we still have to discover and today I have seen for the first time these amazing sand dollars also called  sea cookies. These animals are extremely flattened sea urchins that can be found in temperate and tropical zones and can appear in a variety of colors like green, blue, violet, or purpl, depending on the species. Sand dollars live on top or just beneath the water surface and my friend found 35 of them just under the sand. The flower that you can see on them looks like a drawing designed by the hand of a young dreamy girl and it makes me realize  how beautiful our nature is and that we should spend more time admiring the best things in life. This simple experience made me also realize that I still have so much to learn…

Have you ever seen something like this?

sea4 sea3 sea2 s



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