Hillier Lake: The Pink Lake

When I think of the color pink, I think of candy, the pink panther, Hello Kitty or my favorite lip gloss but this color never reminds me of water. And yet…

Today, I would like for you to discover something extraordinary: The Hillier Lake, or the “pink” lake. 
Discovered in 1802 in Western Australia by a British explorer, Matthew Flinders, this lake is about 600 meters long, surrounded by an eucalyptus forest and separated from the ocean and encircled by white sand. At the beginning, scientists thought that the pink color resulted from the lake’s bottom but it was very quickly reported that the water stayed pink even when put into a clear glass. Today, there is still no rational explanation for the lake’s pink color; no one person can explain this strange phenomenon. Nature still does not fail to surprise us, and undoubtedly, we still have a lot to discover.
Below, take a look at some photos of this natural wonder.
Boats on Hillier Lake

Boats on Hillier Lake

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