How good do you know yourself ?



Do you really know who you are? Do you know what exactly you want?
And if you know what you want, are you sure that if you get what you desire it will make you completely happy?
“Know yourself” has been inscribed in the court of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The same phrase was said by Tulku according to the Buddhist tradition. Before you start anything, try to ask yourself what is making me happy? What do I really want? It is much easier to obtain things that we think that make us happy than to find out what exactly makes us happy. There is no greater disappointment than to find out that what we always wanted is not what we really needed. Unfortunately we often discover that we don’t need things or situations once we have obtained them, and it’s usually too late because we have lost a lot of precious time trying to have them. Before you follow the path that leads to success, ask yourself: is this is my vision of success and happiness?

be what

Sometimes our dreams and desires are influenced by the medias and people around us who look very happy. They make us believe that a certain well defined form of success and/or happiness suits everybody very well and some of them also try to sell us their “products” that make them so happy beautiful and fabulous. It is sometimes true and it works for some people, but we are all different. Why should the same form of success be the best for all of us?

Some successful and popular people try to make us believe that their lives are the best. What else can they do? They have spent their whole life to get this image or status, how can they give up now? They wanted to be admired… and would you admire them, would you try to have the same life as they have if they told you that they are finally having hard times? That they are depressed and feel alone in their golden cage? Would you buy their “beautiful and fabulous” making products if they told you that if you buy it you will be exactly like them, as sad unhappy and lonely as they are? Do you want to be a super star dead of drug over dose because drugs were the only way to support the stress and the pressure? Maybe you want to be a future “has been” only known for a sex-tape? Do you want to be a perfect housewife with a perfect husband, perfect children, the perfect smile and a perfect dog and then wake up one morning frustrated wondering what life would be if you had chosen this life full of adventures with Billie the snake charmer, or if you were a successful and recognized business woman?


Know yourself first, to be able to define the kind of success that makes you happy,don’t let other people influence you, be your own master, and be sure before you set out to conquer the world that this is what you really want. Examine your mind, find yourself  first, be what you want to be and the most difficult part you’ll encounter while on the road to success will already be behind you.


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