Rod Fanni Soccer Star From Marseille

I would like to present to you a French international soccer star: Rod Fanni, who is a Marseille native and plays as defense for the French soccer club Olympique de Marseille.


It is not only his talent for soccer that makes him stand out amongst others; he is a very special person for many many different reasons. With the world literally at his feet, he is the type of person who makes sure that you will have an amazing time when in his company. His character is very endearing, positive, and posses that joie de vivre characteristic, which is often found in the South of France.

Aside from his successful soccer career, he has many other talents and interests. This young man is really really gifted and thus cannot help but to dabble in a variety of subjects!

For instance, Fanni loves music; often, he is a DJ for his group of friends and makes sure that his friends, including his teammates, have a really good time when out celebrating. Moreover, he is like a human jukebox because wherever he goes he brings with him a great sense of humor. Also, I was not surprised to learn that he is dancer in a hip-hop group in Marseilles. He has amazing dance moves; it seems like he was just born with rhythm in his soul. He loves to travel and discover other cultures; he is particuarly fond of New York because of its fashion scene. He has an original sense of style; he plays with materials, layers cuts and cobines various colors when putting together his outfit, including his shoes and accessories. He is always up-to-date with the latest trends; his style is influenced by the urban culture, streetwear and also a touch of masculine Italian style (i.e., elegant and refined).

Finally, Fanni recently starred in (for the third time!) Rodeo Nuts, which is a French series. It was a comic scene with soccer stars, which was very fitting with Fanni’s personality and sense of humor.


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