Meeting Sir Richard Branson In Monaco

richard branson

Me & My Sister With Richard Branson For F1

Today, I would like to talk about a man who I respect enormously for his work and also for his joie de vivre and the positive light in which he views the world. I present to you: Sir Richard Branson. Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, which owns more than 400 companies. The same year he dropped out of school, he began his entrepreneurship path only at the age of 16 when he founded the magazine called Student.His following conquest: record stores in the 1970s; essentially he would establish what came to be known as Virgin Records. Branson expanded into the airline industry and founded Virgin Atlantic in the 1980s. His most recent project includes: Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company! Currently, according to Forbes, he is the fourth most wealthy citizen of the UK. He is known for his adventurous spirit and love for sports, e.g. crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon. With all of that in mind, I was ecstatic when I found out that my sister and I were selected as models to work alongside Richard Branson for his motor sports company Virgin during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. I wanted to meet this mega successful businessman, whose adventurous spirit and business savvy has inspired me for many years. It was really an astounding experience. After meeting him, I could see that what makes him extraordinary is his enthusiasm for life, fearlessness, and positive energy. He is full of wisdom, and I have included some of his quotes, which are especially applicable to young entrepreneurs. Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco…

Richard Branson Quote

Richard Branson Quote




Also, I would like to introduce you, albeit briefly, to Formula 1 Grand Prix held annually in Monaco since it is really a spectacular event. I highly recommend you to attend at least once in your life time. Here is why:To really understand the amazing vibe of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, I suggest you attend in person the car racing event in Monaco; you will rub shoulders with some of the most talented drivers of the world. I must admit that during the Grand Prix, the entire city is full of positive vibes and the mood is very festive. Even if you do not have the opportunity to buy the tickets to watch the race from the paddock, the booths or even the bleachers , it is nonetheless interesting to walk around Monte Carlo and absorb the cheerful and vibrant ambiance of the city.

Alternatively, go to a cafe overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and you will hear the motors buzzing from the F1. Also, you can benefit from the occasion and attend one of the parties organized by the Monacans. You may even find yourself dancing with one of the renowned F1 drivers or another well known celebrity attending the Grand Prix.

Monaco during the F1

Monaco during the F1

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