Oil Pulling The Latest Homeopathic Craze

I have recently been hearing a ton of buzz around something called oil pulling, and I have to say that my interest is piqued.

Ayurveda - The Science of Life.

Ayurveda – The Science of Life.

Dating back some 3,000 years, oil pulling has its origins in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine and one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It can be used to purify the entire system; with each section of the tongue thought to be connected to different organs including kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, and colon.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Here are the  most popular benefits: whitens teeth, strengthens gums, teeth, and jaw, prevents cavities and gingivitis, gets rid of skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, detoxes your body, cures hangovers and migraines, helps with sleep issues, clears your sinuses, helps allergy sufferers, freshens your bad breath, helps with pain issues, and more.

Oil pulling for teeth whitening is one of the most trusted natural remedies.

Oil pulling for teeth whitening is one of the most trusted natural remedies.

The process itself is incredibly easy, oil pulling basically involves swishing oil around in your mouth to detox your body and clean your teeth and gums. First, you’ll need to choose an oil. You can technically use any oil for oil pulling like vegetable, olive, grapeseed, and sunflower oils but the most popular is coconut oil. Pure coconut oil is approximately 50 percent lauric acid, which is non-toxic and helps to disrupt membranes in organisms like fungus, bacteria, and viruses, essentially destroying them. Take about a teaspoon to a tablespoon into your mouth ,depending on how much you can handle as the amount in your mouth will grow as lipids in the oil begin to pull out toxins from the saliva – swish 20 minutes. Once the oil in your mouth has changed consistency and is thicker, it’s time to spit it out . After swishing, rinse well with warm water so as not to re-ingest any of the toxins you’ve just pulled, and brush well to make sure any remaining bacteria is killed and to remove excess oil.Be sure to spit out the oil in a trash can as it may later solidify and clog pipes. It’s suggested to be done in the morning, before eating or drinking. This is when most harmful germs appear in your mouth.

Oil pulling should be done as much as you can, once a day would be perfect, of course in the beginning it will not be easy to swish something around in your mouth for 20 minutes but try to do something that is taking 20 minutes while you’re oil pulling or try to divide the oil pulling in two separate 10 minute sessions, twice a day. I hope that my article will help, good luck and tell me about your results and how you feel once you have started this adventure.

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