Having the Maleficent role.


The oscar winner Angelina Jolie  brings contradictory qualities to the part of Maleficent.She is camp but sincere. Her steely disposition  can bend lithely into playful humour. With  silicone-filled prosthetics added to her face, curved horns, a withering scowl and a leather catsuit  she gives such a deliciously driven performance that we can safely call it Angie’s Disney comeback.Jolie’s undeniable charm makes us see the famous family tale “Sleeping Beauty” from an other point of view : with modernized action-oriented sensibilities and mildly darker implications. In this Sleeping Beauty version Angelina is the wicked witch who puts a terrible spell on the infant princess, the one about pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Well the story never told us what really happend with this witch and why was she so so mean, but Maleficent the movie explains that maybe if she hadn’t had her heart broken by a certain royal someone back in the day, she wouldn’t be so mean. Ok this is where my description of the movie stops and the description of my life starts… Well not yet!
I have a question: are we all infant princesses in the beginning? Are we all blond and beautiful princesses waiting for the love of our life, before this cruel royal comes and breaks or heart?
Is the mean royal the reason for all the wicked wiches in this world?

ImageMe as the wicked witch

On one side  it would be perfect if he could be  the reason of our wickedness, can you imagine all the stupidities  we could make and put the blame on him, whenever we fail it would be his fault , sounds pretty fair,  why did he start to break hearts of innocent girls. That would give us a good excuse to destroy the sleeping beauty’s life , everybody is kind with her, she is beautiful, comes from a good family, she is not unemployed and does not have 3 children at his expense, then it would be necessary all the same, that she  learns how it feels to have the hard life.  There’s just a little problem…

While we are trying to distribute the misfortune to others, no matter if they deserve it or not, we waste time. This time so precious and we should use it to  build our own happiness, find a real man and focus on ourselves.We should focus on happiness not on womanizers and stupid /sleeping beauties. And the one who broke your heart one day will understand what he did, there’s always a moment in your life where you figure out what you did wrong and you regret it ….No doubt, what goes around comes around but it usually happens when you don’t care anymore 😉

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