“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food” said Hippocrates

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Let me share with you words of wisdom today…

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food” said Hippocrates, a well respected Greek doctor and philosopher during the Age of Pericles, i.e. Classical Greece. Hippocrates was born around 460 B.C., and has been considered as the “father of western medicine.”

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Eat Healthy:

(1) Fighting Stress

It is unnecessary that I explain to you the the importance of the quality of food that you consume on a daily basis for your well being, i.e. your physically and mentally. As the ancient Latin saying goes mens sana in corpore sano (i.e., a healthy mind in a healthy body). While on the subject of a healthy mind, the mental strength that you will acquire from eating healthy food will help you fight stress, better comprehend your daily experiences, needs and your daily anxiety.

(2) Fight Diseases

One cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy diet; a healthy diet means balance, i.e. not too salty, not too sweet, eating less fat and more fresh food. Also, a healthy diet means limiting the intake of products that contain a lot of sugar, salt or fat that provoke cardio-vascualr illnesses.


Being Healthy Can be Delicious!

(3) Beauty

Moreover, your diet has an important effect on your beauty. To have beautiful hair and strong nails, your nutritional “allies” are proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamins in group B.


(4) Skin

Your diet plays an important role for your skin. Many of us have the tendency to overuse face masks, hydrating cremes or anti-wrikle crimes but have you ever thought about taking care of your skin through the interior, i.e. through your diet? Vitamins A, E, and C allow for regeneration of cells, and protect your skin against U.V. rays. These vitamins are found in colorful vegetables, egg yolk; for Vitamin A, try liver and butter; for Vitamin C, try citrus fruits, kiwi, persil, and spinach; for Vitamin E, try vegetable oil, rapeseed, grape seed, almonds and other nuts.


(5) Hydration

Finally, think water! Hydrating well is very important; for the elasticity of your skin, drink a sufficient amount of water. Drink between 1.5-2 liters per day (between 50 fl oz and 68 fl oz); you can even drink up to 2.5 liters per day (84 fl oz). Try to drink before you are thirsty because when you are already thirsty that means that you are dehydrated.

Finally, to recap: if you would like to get in shape, fight easily against daily problems, and take care of your physical appearance, begin by eating well. Your entire life will change for the better.

Love, glory and beauty do depend on your choices of what to put in your mouth! Until next time!



2 thoughts on ““Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food” said Hippocrates

  1. With a stomach full of healthy foods, life looks different.
    Thanks for the article, your wake my appetite … Mmmmmmm …. que rica es la fruta!!!

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