“Saint Laurent” : The movie shows YSL’s dark side


The arrival of two YSL biopics in the space of five months seems to be curious but the second biopic of the fashion designer is very different from the first one.Bertrand Bonello’s movie, “Saint Laurent” presented for the Cannes film festival competition on Saturday, lingers over addictions and depressions of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s – 1970.


The Gaspard Ulliel’s replica ” I created a monster and I have to live with. ”  (Yves Saint Laurent) sets the tone of Laurent Bonello’s movie. The director wanted to show the unhealthy personality and the madness of the genius of  fashion. He definitely shows the fashion designer in his  ugliest days. Hooked on tranquillizers, on drugs and  alcoholic, the artist sinks little by little, without ever managing to get up.

In the first scene YSL confides to a journalist: ” I have disorders “. The Creator played by Gaspard Ulliel”s confesses then his trauma of the Algerian war, he was mobilized  then hospitalized for depression, and became drug addicted in the hospital. His first employer the “Dior” house fired him after this episode. In his movie Saint Laurent is surounded by an entourage of lovers and admirers and almost everyone is smoking a cigarette which is perfectly normal for the 60’s and 70’s. The clothes in this movie  (Anais Romand’s Wardrobe) are impressive considering the absence of YSL’s house autorisation. Always the sames scènes in the clubs and with drugs can become slightly boring but in this movie Gaspard Ulliel is amazing. His tone and body movements make us really think that he is Yves Saint Laurent.



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