The Power Of Letting Go

Letting go is the key to making life work, even if it seems very difficult to implement. This key opens the door to happiness. The power of letting go is extremely important with personal relationships and even carries over into your career. So why do we often push away what we wish the most? Below, I will tell you about my personal battles with letting go and then provide you with tips on how to let go and move on with your life.

Career—For a long time, I believed that life wanted to take me in a direction I didn’t desire. I thought I would live unhappily without extraordinary satisfaction and have a boring life that somebody or something chose for me, i.e., a kind of destiny I wouldn’t enjoy but would have to live with. Life has opened some doors for me that I didn’t care about but also closed some that mattered to me the most. I often asked myself why. Why do I obtain things I don’t even want that much? The answer was clear: I didn’t care.

For example, it was always easy for me to earn money. Whenever I wanted a job I always managed to find one. I would apply and within a few days after an interview I would be hired. Though I never put in much thought or effort, it seemed that if I was relaxed and indifferent about an opportunity, things would work out in my favor. Sometimes, it was even frustrating. I would look up to heaven and ask: “Why do I have all these things so easily when I can’t achieve what I really want?”It finally occurred to me: even if you fight like a lion to get what you want, even if you try over and over again to make something work, even if you say all the prayers that you have learned, sometimes some things just don’t work. And you know what you can do about it? Stop the fight!

Love—For instance, I was once in love with a man.  I wanted him so much that I thought I would do anything to have him. The fact that I desired him so much was making me blind; I didn’t see him or the situation for what they really were, my perception was skewed. This is when I discovered that I wouldn’t attain my desires unless I let things be as they were. I would have to live without fear, stress, or worry.  It’s the power of letting go.

How to let go?

This might not always be the easiest to do, but there are many helpful ways to work on letting go.

1.To let go is to understand that nothing is permanent or solid and that everything is in perpetual change. To let go is to accept the natural and inevitable process of adaption.

2.To let go is to take all that comes to you without rejecting the negative and without becoming too attached to the positive.

3.To let go is to take each day as it comes without over-focusing on your own desires. To let go is to consider every difficulty and every enemy as a temporary obstacle through which you will ultimately progress. 


4.To let go is to remain serene, relaxed and even-tempered no matter the circumstances: pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.

5.Spend some time in silence, allow yourself to be still, and discover how much easier acceptance is when you are relaxed and calm; all the pieces of puzzle will fall into place at the right moment. When you trust that the answer will come in time, everything you desire will follow.

Now you probably want to find out what happened to the man I wanted so much. Well, I don’t really know. The truth is: I don’t want him anymore. I don’t think I ever wanted him as much as I thought I did. I stopped trying to force something to happen and started to accept the reality. So, I let go. And when I did, I found the perfect love, and it is love as it is supposed to be: the kind that makes you happy! This is the power of letting go: some things fall apart so bigger and better things can fall into place.


5 thoughts on “The Power Of Letting Go

  1. Dear Edina: I think your article had mentioned a while, but I want to reiterate that your message contains to much wisdom and not easy to transcribe deep feelings, especially when experienced firsthand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for sharing your experience and your tips are very valuable for me. You’re a completely spiritual woman. A kiss with much appreciation!

    • Once you have learned to let go what is not good for you, the place is free for everything that is good for you, and the good will come without doing anything. Free your mind for positive thoughts. 🙂

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