How To Be A Femme Fatale?

femme fatale collage

 The French term femme fatale in literal translation means “woman of destiny but deadly.” In reality femme fatale doesn’t take lives but she certainly leaves scars.

She is seductive and alluring, clever and a bit evil but, most importantly, she is mysterious and she is every man’s dream.

 And if you want, you can become her. Here’s how:

1.One of the biggest secrets of becoming a femme fatale is ability to play with a man’s mind. She knows the triggers and ways to switch on the desire in the men of her choice.

2.She uses facial expressions, eye contact, her voice, her words, and movements in a special and very specific way. Without ever trying, she has natural sex appeal and carries an aura of mystery. She knows that if she remains an enigma she will stay constantly on a man’s mind.

Sophia Loren

3.She knows she is amazing, she knows exactly what men want, and, above all, she knows she has what it takes to give them what they want. With her, their dreams become reality. It is there that the real secret of the seduction lies. The biggest asset of the seducer is the ability to create a fantasy within a man’s mind.

Sophia Loren, the famous Italian actress, is known to have said “Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”

4.The femme fatale loves herself, and it is clear. She carries a silent confidence and men are extremely attracted to it without understanding exactly what it is. She knows that when your self-confidence is low, you appear less attractive to others because, if you can’t see the beauty within yourself, how can you expect others to see it? The femme fatale feels comfortable in her own skin and her smile is sincere.

5.She is daring. Rather than avoiding contact with someone who she is attracted to, the femme fatale just goes for it. And if it doesn’t work out, she views it as a learning experience and moves on. The femme fatale doesn’t need a man to complete her, she is happy with just being herself. For men, the femme fatale is always an untouchable or unforgotten love but very rarely does he attain her completely.

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